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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kleis's Top Ten Flies For Colorado # 6

#6 The Sculpzilla

My streamer of choice is the Sculpzilla.  The Sculpin is a small fish that has 11 different families and can be found in many of our bodies of water.  The Sculpins that I've seen in Colorado and the one's most imitated by fly tyers are dark olive in color, have big heads similar to a catfish without the whiskers, and large dorsal and pectoral fins. Though they are a forage fish for trout and larger predatory fish like bass and pike it is a rare occurrence to see one of these baitfish.  I don't know if it's because Sculpins mostly stick to the bottom of lakes and rivers or if they only exist in small numbers.

The fact that Sculpins can be found in Colorado is not why I love this pattern.  The massive bead with eyes at the front give this streamer enough weight to get down through the water column without having to add any additional weight to your rig.  What makes this pattern even more affective is the stinger hook in the back. 

Many streamers tied with a lot of fur and marabou only have one hook and 99 percent of the time that hook is located way up front on the fly.   More often than not when a fish strikes a streamer it is attacking the fly from behind which means that you get a lot of short strikes.  A short strike is when a fish is chasing your streamer and hits the fly on the tail often just short of making contact with the hook.

Fortunately for the rest of us tyers got smart and started tying articulated patterns with hooks in the tail.  The realistic shape, weight, and of course the stinger hook have culminated into what is by far my favorite streamer on the market.  It could be tied in any color you can imagine, and we sell them at Anglers Covey in two different sizes in olive and black.  Olive (as pictured) is my favorite color to fish and has been a fish slayer for me since I started fishing them last year.

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