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Friday, April 17, 2015

On The Fly - Tackling The Spinney Wind

Here's a few tips for anyone interested in taking on Spinney this season! This sounds like the silliest thing on planet earth to say to a fly fisher, but the wind is good... Follow this link to learn more!

Opening Week at Spinney Reservoir - 2015

Compared to previous years, this Spinney opening was slow. And, for a place so associated with wind and waves, it was more than a little ironic that our first 3 days on the water had almost perfect weather. And by perfect weather, I mean weather that's great for watching sunrises, not for fishing, but who's complaining?

Every morning it was slow but consistent until the afternoon wind showed up, and then fishing got better. A week later, at the peak of the good weather, we had the best afternoon of fishing yet. The wind was up around that magic 15-20 m.p.h. mark, and the waves were just tall enough to occasionally have a white cap. The best part about that day was the fact that we got to bring grandpa along for his birthday, and he landed the 3 largest trout he has ever caught. Dad is the man who got me into the sport of fishing, but he didn't take the plunge and turn to the dark side when I did 16 years ago. Instead, he's chosen to stick to his lure fishing roots, and he bounces back and forth between casting a fly and bubble, or a spinner or spoon.

This time he was throwing solid white tube jigs that the guys at Colorado Tackle Pro turned me onto for Spinney. Just wanted to give a special shout out to Chris and Travis at C.T.P. for that! Dad managed 3 trout to the net that were 20" or bigger along with countless others, and finished the day with the fattest 22" female rainbow I've seen in a while. This thing was all belly and shoulders! It was a blessing to see how happy he was to fish with his family.

Speaking of fishing with family... Bree stuck to her routine of wanting to cast, kissing the occasional fish for good luck, and throwing rocks and playing with sticks. Dad finally got to see how committed and good Kristen can be at fly fishing. She was her usual self, matching me fish for fish, and showing a natural talent for the sport that many women seem to have.

We also made a new friend, Tim Ryan. Tim was a ton of fun to fish with! Mr. Tim cracked jokes with us, which is a constant when we're fishing, and he fit right in with our little group. He was also humble enough to take any advice I would give him, and as a result landed some nice fish. This is what fishing is all about - having fun, not taking things too seriously, sharing helpful information, and creating memories. We just wanted to thank him for his kind words of encouragement about our fishing family. Tim, we look forward to hearing about your trips with your grandson!

Here's the photos from the week! Thank you to everyone who reads and supports our little site - to all of my clients for supporting our family and simultaneously supporting my fishing habit, to Anglers Covey for continuing to give me opportunities to teach, and to Kristen for being the most supportive and loving lady on planet earth!

Tim playing a nice fish!

Tim holding up a chunky bow.
Kristen with a fish on.
One fish.
Two fish.
Red fish.
Blue fish.
Great shot Kristen got of me in the heat of battle!
Again again.
Bree with her grandpa.
A special moment with father and son holding up a double. And look at that tub of a rainbow he's holding!

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