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Monday, May 26, 2014

Quick Flow/Fishing Report For The South Platte and Arkansas River

Most of the Arkansas river including the Pueblo tailwater - is chocolate milk, running above 2,000 cfs, and is an all around bundle of joy for rafters.

The South Platte - is running between 70-100 cfs depending on which stretch you're fishing, is low and clear, and full of beat-up highly pressured fish. Flies of choice for anyone nymphing are: Barr's Emergers bwo 22, JuJu Baetis and midges - the smaller the better, Caddis Candy size 18, Black Beauties size 22-24, Top Secret Midges size 22-24.

Anyone throwing dry flies should carry Barr's Visaduns bwo 20-24, Parachute Adams 20-26, tan Elk Hair Caddis 16-18, Matt's midge 22-24, Griffiths Gnat 22-26.

Start out nymphing in the morning. After a good lunch be prepared to cover a lot of water throwing dry flies.

Tight Lines!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Check Out This Great Short Video Shot In Cheesman Canyon!

Here's a fantastic video made by Brad Kilgroe that might be one of my favorite shot in Cheesman Canyon to date. He did a great job of capturing the experience, and giving it meaning. Enjoy!

Dad's Day #8 from Brad Kilgroe on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fly Fishing And Hard Rock - Trout Porn Video Cometh!

The music on this video made by Jamie is not for the faint of heart! Check it!
SPINNEY MOUNTAIN RES 5-4-14 from Jamie Roth on Vimeo.

Another Round At Spinney!

I recently had the pleasure of guiding two hardcore troutbums who just so happen to be great people, Jamie Roth and Ben Lewis. I don't want to go into detail talking about the trip because Jamie has already taken the liberty of doing so. Jamie's an aspiring guide who currently has a real job, and he has a fantastic blog site that I think does a great job of showing his passion for fishing. Follow the link for the photos and full story of our adventure, and be sure to subscribe to his page!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Video Of a Wild Brown Trout Caught in One of Colorado's Many Small Streams

Here's a quick video by fellow AC guide Dave Herber. The thing that sticks out to me the most isn't the beautiful little brownie, or even the gorgeous wilderness they're fishing in. There are no other anglers fishing next to them! Zero combat fishing...

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