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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ginormous Huge Paco Troutosaurus Rex!

If you follow any of the social media sites, odds are pretty good that many of you have already seen this giant 15 pound brown caught by Matt McCannel, and there's no denying that it's definitely worth another look! In fact, if you have the time and money to take a guide trip with Matt on the Uncompahgre River (where this fish was caught), and you're not calling him up right now, there's something wrong with you! It's an amazing tailwater fishery, and Rigs fly shop in Ridgeway Colorado is where you should stop and get all your flies and info before you tackle it.

Kristen and I went to the Uncompahgre a.k.a. "Paco" last fall as part of our tailwater tour to collect photos and information for our book, and I'm ashamed to say it was the first time either one of us had fished it, but it won't be the last. As first timers we still landed our share of browns and rainbows, and Kristen even lost a brown at the net that was somewhere between 8-10 pounds. We made the mistake of checking out Rigs fly shop at the end of our day there, or I'm sure Matt would have put us on some Paco specific flies, and we would have had an even better time.

What makes Matt's brown so special is that, like anyone who walked in the fly shop in the last four months and talked to Matt, he told me about this monster fish he's been chasing. FOUR PLUS MONTHS! Now that's perseverance! Seriously, great work!

Matt has been kind enough to send us photos, and he has also been very helpful in sending us information about Paco for the book, which will be featured. For now, here's another look at his fish, and his fly he used to catch it that is only available at Rigs. He calls the streamer the Hot Head Paco Mini Leech.

Matt with this 15 lb blue cheeked beauty!
Matt's Hot Head Paco Mini Leech #10

Follow this link to learn more about Rigs and schedule a guide trip!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

On the Fly - Blue River Fishing Report

Saw a few more reports today, and the rumor has it that fishing is still great. Get out there and play in the snow!

Link to Outtherecolorado report!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Blue River Fishing Report - 2-12-15

The Blue has been getting fantastic fishing reports over the last week, and our experience confirmed those reports. I talked to a few people who said that the section through town was recently stocked, and that fish were eating mysis with reckless abandon, which was pretty much the case. 2/3 of our fish came to the net with a size 12 Kleis's mysis with orange eyes tucked in the jaw, and the rest on a red or a black midge pupa in a size 24. As a group we netted somewhere between 6-8, and lost as many in almost 3 hours of fishing. Kristen let me land the biggest fish which was a rainbow around 18" that took a Black Beauty.

The average size fish I was seeing was somewhere between 16-18 inches and we both broke off a few  that were better than 20". The flow was close to 200 c.f.s. and if it stays there through next week you all have a wonderful opportunity to stick some nice fish. It was pretty crowded so be prepared to display good etiquette, share, and maybe get there a little early to get a good spot. If you want to spin up some mysis before your trip follow this link for the tying video. I was told that Lagartun Mini Flat Braid has been discontinued, but the fly is just as effective tied with pearl tinsel for the flat tail and shell back.

Last, we just wanted to give a shout out Christian and Jenessa! Thank you for meeting up with us and bringing your daughter along to play in the water with Bree. It was great to get our two families together to fish and share in an adventure! Here's some photos from yesterdays trip...

Bree and papa with my first fish of 2015!

A closer look at that fish.
Bree and Piper playing with rocks and water. Is there a better playground?
What I saw every time I looked up at Kristen...
Her best fish of the day.
Bree looking like E.T. wearing Kristen's jacket, and her new buddy
Stinkn cute
My best fish of the day.

Monday, February 9, 2015

On The Fly - Tips For Tackling Winter Fishing

I know what you're thinking... Who needs articles on winter fishing when it's always sunny in Colorado? Well, here it is anyway. Just in case.   ;)

On the Fly - Tackling Winter Fishing

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