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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Fisherman And His Wife

While shopping today Kristen came across a children's book called "A Fisherman And His Wife".  Being a new dad and a life long fisherman for some reason I got chills when I read it.  The book was about a humble fisherman who only kept a fish a day so that he and his wife could eat.  They lived in a small cottage and he was happy and content with their quaint life.  One afternoon fishing trip he landed a magical golden fish that could talk.  The golden fish asked the fisherman to be released and without hesitation the humble angler let the fish go.

The golden fish told the old fisherman that he would grant him any wish for his kindness but the fisherman asked for nothing then went home empty handed to tell his wife about his day.  Upset that he turned down the magical fish's offer she asked him to go back and wish for a bigger house so he did as his wife asked.  He found the fish and wished for a bigger house and went home to a full sized house completely furnished in place of their small cottage.

The wife was happy at first until she realized they should have wished for a castle instead so the fisherman kept going back and the wishes kept coming until one day his wife decided she wanted to control when the sun rises and falls.  The fisherman made the wish and came back to his wife who was standing with a smile on her face in front of their old cottage.  She apologized for wishing for more than they needed and realized happiness is not about what you could have its about appreciating what you do have.


  1. Great reminders....we should all read children's books on a regular basis...

  2. Great lessons in life can be found without much effort...if you care to look.

  3. Learn to appreciate all of the little things.


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