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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kleis's Czech Charles

Here is a Czech pattern I tied up to imitate caddis larvae on the South Platte.  It's basically a Ray Charles Sow Bug only tied on an Umpqua competition C500BL hook with lead tape at it's core to help it get down.   It was pointed out to me that a lot of the "Euro" Nymph patterns -aside from being thin in diameter which helps them get down quicker- have a "hot band" or "hot spot" where the tyer added a small amount of bright colored thread, dubbing, or in this case pink Ostrich Herl on the fly which helps grab the trout's attention. 

Start with a size 12 Umpqua C500BL and wrap 1/8 inch wide lead tape across
the hook shank to just behind the eye.

Follow that by attaching size small chartreuse colored wire, then attach either lateral
scale flash or large pearl tinsel after the wire at the bend of the hook.

Next step is to anchor two strands of olive ostrich herl at the bend and wrap
 (palmer) forward roughly half way up the hook shank. Anchor and follow that with a few wraps of pink (for the hot spot), and finish the thorax
with a medium to dark colored brown ostrich herl to complete the upper half of the fly.

The last two steps are to pull the flash over the top of the fly and anchor behind the eye.
Do tight wraps forward with the wire to behind
the eye of the hook and anchor your wire.

Here is the finished product.

Here is the finished product wet...

The Czech Charles

Thread: Black uni or 70 denier
Hook: Umpqua C500BL size 12
Abdomen and Thorax are Olive and brown
ostrich herl with pink hot spot.
Lateral Scale flash or large pearl tinsel
for the back.
Size small chartreuse wire for rib.


  1. Well, you know how much I like this post!!! Really different patterns that I haven't, are you going to join us in August...comment on either my blog or Antlers and Gills. We would love to see you.

  2. Killer Czech! That looks delicious when wet. How could they resist that!

  3. So far they havent been able to! In 11mile canyon anyway so Im not sure how much thats worth but its been catching fish.


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