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Friday, March 30, 2012

Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout

The family and I recently participated in the annual Anglers Covey family day at Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout and it was epic.  Epic in the sense that there are monster fish that are eager takers all over the property.  The property itself is massive and holds many lakes/large ponds that are either spring fed or fed by Trout Creek which fishes great on its own.  For those of you that don't remember going to Rainbow Falls as a kid the park itself has been a fish hatchery as well as a place where you could pay for the fish you caught, and it was completely open to the public.  The new owners have turned Rainbow Falls into a private fishing club and stocked it full of Rainbows and Browns over ten pounds, and a huge population of 16"-18" Donaldson Steelhead that will slam a streamer with reckless abandon.

Monster bow I pulled out of stream small enough to jump across!  

 Photos like the one from our trip above are common in this place.  If you are interested in hiring a guide or getting a membership at the "Falls" let me warn you that this is not a place you go to challenge your fishing abilities.  It is about as opposite from technical fishing as it gets.  In fact the only thing that will be getting challenged while fishing here is your arm strength.  That is the beauty of fishing in a private club.  You get a taste of what fishing must have been like when early settlers first came to Colorado.  Anytime you are joking with fellow anglers about how your current fishing location is like wetting a line at the Denver aquarium it is a beautiful thing, and a nice reprieve from the crowds and highly pressured fish on the South Platte or Arkansas river below Pueblo.

Robert Younghanz, Dave Herber, and Dave Caraghar are just a few of the guides and volunteers that have helped turn Rainbow Falls into a modern mecca for catching big fish.  In fact its obvious the moment you step foot on the property that you have come to a place where the people running it are passionate about its rich history and the history of Colorado, as well as flyfishing and conservation.  For a quick rundown on the history of Rainbow Falls including a fun fact about General Palmer check out this link!

One of the many healthy rainbows Kristen and I released after battle.

 The morning of our A.C. event and we were greeted with coffee and donuts at Camp, and a Bald Eagle soaring over a cliff on the far side of the property.  Everyone was eager to fish so the conversations were kept short and the lakes near camp were already surrounded by anglers.  After an hour and a half of fishing more trout  were caught and released than could be counted.  Que the massive bell ringing and we are all eating a lakeside lunch fit for kings.  Everything cooked on an open grill, including chicken, veggies, and French Bread and it was amazing!

Kristen with a nice bow! and Bree taking a nap...

Kristen, Baby Bree, and I finished the day at the lower half of the property on Trout Creek where we landed so many fish it was ridiculous including that 26" Brutasaurous Rex!  It's now late in the day and we are driving towards camp to thank Dave and the fellas for a wonderful trip and nobody was home.  Guess they all had enough and left...  The drive home is nothing like it is when your coming home from a good day on the water at Cheesman Canyon.  A twenty fish day in Cheesman and the drive home feels like you have accomplished something.  A day where you lose count at Rainbow Falls and you just feel content.  I dare ask is there anything wrong with that?

For more information on fishing this amazing property check out or to see rates and schedule a guided trip at the Falls click here.  This is an experience any flyfisher should have at least once in a lifetime if you enjoy history, drop dead gorgeous scenery, and last but not least huge fish!

Tight Lines!    

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Clients 3-26-2012

Had an insanely windy days worth of fishing with Randy, Ed, and Garrett in 11Mile Canyon!  Here are the photos including a little fisherman's ingenuity by Randy who took his wading belt and wrapped it around his head strapping his hat down so the wind wouldn't take it!  I looked up and couldnt put into words how classic it was and asked if I could take his photo.  Great time!

Ed's Giant Cutt that was fooled by Kleis's Mojo Midge

Randy pre wading belt with the first fish of the day

Randy with "hat" strap

Beat up but still pretty little rainbow

Friday, March 23, 2012

In The Works

Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know that next week I have some pretty ambitious projects that Ill be starting and I wanted to pick your brains.  First it is my plan to film and produce 25 tying video's for your learning pleasure with the emphasis being on small stream and stillwater bugs.  If you have some feedback or would like to request instruction on a certain fly pattern let me know in the comments section of this post.

Also lately I have been watching a few fishing shows and for some reason even though not all were flyfishing related they inspired me.  I have a lot crazy idea's that I would like to try and a slightly different approach to the fishing show format.  Kristen, my good friend Daniel, and I went to our first film tour event and it was a lot of fun.  The thing that stood out to me most is that the guys and gals that shot and produced these movies were very creative in their filming and editing process.  And even though I had a full out erection from watching fish porn for an hour I realized after the fact that I didn't really learn anything.  Learning is what makes this sport fun for me and Im sure many of you feel the same.

Basically what I am going to attempt is to make a series of film tour esq. movies with all the beauty, kick ass music, excitement, and fish porn, but also make them extremely educational.  I want to give the viewers a look at the flies, techniques, gear, and everything else straight from an experienced Colorado fisherman and guides perspective.  Starting with things that are simple for experienced anglers but not so much for beginners like setting up your rig and approaching the water.  Then progressing to more advanced techniques.

I would like to include a few mini biographies of guys around the shop that have been in the sport for a really long time.  There is a whole huge list stored in my head of what I want to try and include.  I did a short test shoot on the East river last fall and even though it is completely nerve racking to step in front of a camera the short clip we got from it came out all right and I have learned a lot about my cameras and the editing process since then.  Here is the short clip...

Again any feedback of what you would like to see in these videos is encouraged.  It is going to be 4-6 weeks of shooting and easily that much time in the editing room.   Again until Simms, Sage, and the rest of the big boys in the flyfishing industry decide they want to sponsor me (highly unlikely) I am probably going to be doing this for free and it is going to take a ton of work on my end so please be patient.   Thank you guys for following my blog and being so supportive!  Tight Lines!! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Photos From Sundays Fishing Trip 3-18-2012

Just had an epic day on the water with Kristen!   A healthy mix of rainbows, browns, and cutthroat were on the menu with some of the most gorgeous spring Rainbows and Snake River Cutts I have seen in a while.   Flows seemed a little lower and the water a little clearer than last week in the canyon but it definitely didn't effect the fishing.  Here are our favorite pics from the day.

Kristen and her lit up Cutt!

My Cutbow up close

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photo of A Blue Quill Nymph And Annelid Worm

Here is another photo I took in the same shoot as the Skwala of what I believe to be a Blue Quill nymph and a Annelid.

Click to enlarge

Friday, March 16, 2012

High Res Photo Of A Skwala Stonefly

I went out and put my new light box to the test and took some pretty sweet photos of the various spring bugs that trout eat.  Here is a photo of a Skwala Stonefly that was about a size 14.  Based on what I was seeing in the stream I now understand why size 14-22 pheasant tail nymphs would fool fish.  Other than Skwala Stoneflies I was finding a ton of Baetis size's 18-22.  Check it out!

Click to enlarge

For more please subscribe!  For guided trips or questions concerning flyfishing or tying email me at  Tight Lines!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gorgeous Caddis Larvae From Avril

I was surfing youtube for caddis larvae inspiration when I came across Avril Anjers slide show of how to tie her larvae pattern.  She runs a really well put together website at When you have a chance it's worth a gander.  She has come a long ways with her tying and photography and might give you guys some inspiration.  Here is her video...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bouface Madness!

I taught my lady how to tie the Barr's Bouface the other night, and as always she picked it up in no time.  The following day while I was at work I started receiving texts with photos attached of Bouface's that she had been tying.  You read this right!  I was at work, and she was at home tying flies!  Not just tying any Bouface's, and considering we only carry and sell a few basic colors in the shop I think she took one of my favorite streamer patterns to another level.  Proving yet again why if the female gender wanted to they could easily dominate this sport.  Everything I have taught Kristen she has picked up faster than anyone I have ever seen!  This is only the second pattern I have shown her since she began tying.  The first fly she ever tied being a size 24 Kleis's Mojo Midge...  Check out her work!


Black and Purple

Black and Purple

Orange and Black

Orange and Black

Red and Black

Black and Olive

Forgive the crappy photos.  I am being forced against my will to use a different editing software, but I promise it will get better.

Thanks and tight lines!

South Platte Fishing Report 3-14-2012

Flows have been sitting around 100 cfs for the Dream Stream stretch below Spinney and 11Mile Reservoirs.   And despite what i have been hearing from reports coming in the spawn is still in its early stages.  This is a good thing!  If you are planning a trip below Spinney Reservoir try parking at the gauging station bridge and work your way down stream.  Use eggs, BWO Barr's Emergers 22, Olive RS-2's 22-24, Black Beauties 22-26, Olive Mojo Midges 22-24, Redzone Midges 24-26, Red Sanjuan worms, Flashback Pheasant tail nymphs 18-22.  Watch for the flow to bump up because it will bring in more fish.  The crowd level is a 10/10 so get there early and be prepared to deal with a people hatch.  Here is the link to the Colorado Division Of Water Resources to check stream flows.  As of March 14 it is 112 cubic feet per second (c.f.s.).

If you are heading to 11Mile canyon go armed with the same flies.  The water is crystal clear so it's important for this stretch that you use 5x-6x fluorocarbon leaders and tippet.  You will start to see more Redds with fish on them as time progresses so try to avoid fishing to spawning fish.  You will be able to tell within 3 casts if a fish is spawning because it will completely ignore your offering and then start shaking its tail to kick vegetation and dirt off the bottom.  At this point it literally doesn't matter what you throw at the fish because it has one thing on its mind so it's best to just leave the fish be and let it make future generations of fish for us to harass.  Flow is at 99 c.f.s.  If fish are feeding on top use size 26 Parachute Adams, size 22-24 Matt's Midges, size 20-22 Viz-a-duns (bwo). 

The Cheesman Canyon/Deckers area has been fishing great.  The Flow is at 187 and the spawn is happening.  Fish are few and far between but I have seen photos of quality 6lb plus fish coming out of there.  Crowds will be an issue here as well.  Flies of choice will be Pat's Rubberlegs, Egg Patterns, Sanjuan worms, Bottom Rollers, and the bwo and midge imitations I have already mentioned.  With flows where they are look for fish in pocket water near deeper runs and structure.

For more information or to book me for a guided trip shoot me an email at


Sweet Bass And Pike Fly

Just thought id share this pattern I found on facebook with you guys.  It's a simple pattern that I think has great bass and pike catching potential.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Video Of The 2012 Colorado Springs Flyfishing Show

Hey everyone here is a video I put together from the recent C-springs Flyfishing Show and opening of the worlds first and only Simms concept store inside Anglers Covey.  This year has already been a banner year for Colorado and more specifically Colorado Springs in terms of flyfishing.  Anglers Covey fly shop has successfully put together two of the biggest and best fishing show's this city has ever seen!  Between the Flyfishing Film Tour and the Colorado Springs Flyfishing Show we are fast becoming the center of the flyfishing universe.  Here is to more enthusiasm for this sport and for conservation for the remainder of the year and beyond! Tight Lines!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dream Stream Goodness

Fished the Dream last tues. and it fish great from the gauging station bridge down.  Word's definitely gotten out already because the parking lots were all pretty full by mid day.  Saw a few fish over 6lbs and landed and missed several gorgeous cutts including the one in the photos.  All in all if your tired of the crowds below Pueblo then it might be worth your while to join the crowds below Spinney.  If you cant beat them join them.  Here's the pics...

Bree spotting fish for Daddy

Doing work on a nice fish


Money shot before the release

Monday, March 5, 2012

Just A Heads Up

I know a few of you guys have been getting on here looking for photos and videos from the big show so I just wanted to let you know that I will have them up as soon as possible. Unfortunately for me I got stuck in the shop with cleanup while the rest of you lucky dogs get to enjoy fishing in this insanely beautiful weather. Thanks for coming and showing such strong support! I had people tell me that they had to park all the way down by the bread store on Colorado ave to take part in the festivities! You helped make this the biggest and best show in the springs. Thank you!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Huge Show Going On At Anglers Covey This March 3rd!

Hey everyone if you haven't heard already we are having our annual big spring show this sat. and it will be our official unveiling of our brand new Simms Concept store! There is going to be some pretty insane deals on gear, and events including tying demonstrations, casting, entomology with Robert Younghanz, free giveaways, and more.  This is a great opportunity to chat with experienced vendors and guides from all over the country and learn a new trick to add to your arsenal and make new connections.  Hope to see you there! 

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