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Friday, March 23, 2012

In The Works

Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know that next week I have some pretty ambitious projects that Ill be starting and I wanted to pick your brains.  First it is my plan to film and produce 25 tying video's for your learning pleasure with the emphasis being on small stream and stillwater bugs.  If you have some feedback or would like to request instruction on a certain fly pattern let me know in the comments section of this post.

Also lately I have been watching a few fishing shows and for some reason even though not all were flyfishing related they inspired me.  I have a lot crazy idea's that I would like to try and a slightly different approach to the fishing show format.  Kristen, my good friend Daniel, and I went to our first film tour event and it was a lot of fun.  The thing that stood out to me most is that the guys and gals that shot and produced these movies were very creative in their filming and editing process.  And even though I had a full out erection from watching fish porn for an hour I realized after the fact that I didn't really learn anything.  Learning is what makes this sport fun for me and Im sure many of you feel the same.

Basically what I am going to attempt is to make a series of film tour esq. movies with all the beauty, kick ass music, excitement, and fish porn, but also make them extremely educational.  I want to give the viewers a look at the flies, techniques, gear, and everything else straight from an experienced Colorado fisherman and guides perspective.  Starting with things that are simple for experienced anglers but not so much for beginners like setting up your rig and approaching the water.  Then progressing to more advanced techniques.

I would like to include a few mini biographies of guys around the shop that have been in the sport for a really long time.  There is a whole huge list stored in my head of what I want to try and include.  I did a short test shoot on the East river last fall and even though it is completely nerve racking to step in front of a camera the short clip we got from it came out all right and I have learned a lot about my cameras and the editing process since then.  Here is the short clip...

Again any feedback of what you would like to see in these videos is encouraged.  It is going to be 4-6 weeks of shooting and easily that much time in the editing room.   Again until Simms, Sage, and the rest of the big boys in the flyfishing industry decide they want to sponsor me (highly unlikely) I am probably going to be doing this for free and it is going to take a ton of work on my end so please be patient.   Thank you guys for following my blog and being so supportive!  Tight Lines!! 

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