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Friday, January 4, 2013

How To Tie - Kleis's Mysis

First, a little background behind my inspiration for this fly. Let it be known that I'm not the first person to use Glow in the Dark Flashabou for a Mysis Shrimp pattern, nor will I be the last. I just got tired of it not being shared with the general public. This is a simple pattern to tie (under 5 minutes), and you would be hard pressed to find a more realistic representation of a dead Mysis shrimp than this. Kristen and I took Kleis's Mysis to the Taylor, and owned fish all day while other anglers watched. In fact, that day on the Taylor was the first time Kristen landed a fish there, and she didn't stop at one.

Every sample I've collected of Mysis over the years has that paddle shaped looking tail called a Statocyst. This "tail" is something I rarely see represented in Mysis patterns, which surprises me because of how much emphasis is put on profile in fly-tying. Another trait that you will see if you google "Mysis shrimp" and look at the images is the appearance of an orange spot on some dead shrimp. I've been told that the orange spot is the egg sack of the female, though I haven't done the research yet to confirm. This is my reason for using orange for the eyes. And since I started putting orange eyes on my shrimp imitations I have done nothing but kick butt with Mysis on both the Blue River below Dillon, and the Taylor Catch and Release. No, I haven't taken these to the Pan yet, so if anybody wants to "borrow" a few, or tie some up and take them there to see how they do please let me know.

Here is the complete recipe...

Kleis's Mysis

Hook: Tiemco 2487 sizes 10-14
Thread: 14/0 or 8/0 (white)
Eyes: Fine Round Rubber in either orange, black, red, pink, purple
Legs: Widow's Web (white)
Swimming Legs/"thorax": 3 strands Ostrich Herl (white)
Carapace/Flashback: Lagartun French Mini-FlatBraid
Abdomen: 2 strands of Glow in the Dark Flashabou
Rib: x-sm silver wire
Tail/Statocyst: Lagartun French Mini-FlatBraid
Shell back: Thick Clear Cure Goo covered in head cement.

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