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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Look At Insects Found In Fountain Creek Post Waldo Canyon Fire 01-21-2013

I got bored today and decided to get out and enjoy this amazing weather. Out of curiosity I decided to pay a visit to the stretch of Fountain Creek above Manitou between the edge of town and Rainbow Falls to do a bug kick. I did several kicks there last year starting around March to see what insects I could find after the stream improvements.  A list of what I found in late March through April 2012: Baetis nymphs, Midge larvae, Caddis Larvae, Annelids (worms), Crane fly larvae, and Stonefly nymphs.

Today's visit was to see what insects inhabit the creek on a warm day in late January after the Waldo Canyon Fire. From what I understand there was plenty of run-off that washed into Fountain Creek after the fire - though I didn't see any physical signs. For example the Springer Fire in Elevenmile Canyon left the bank on the Springer Campground side colored black with soot. Noticeably missing from today's kick list so far are Midges, Caddis, and both large and small Stoneflies. How much of that has to do with it still being early in the year, or if those insects are missing because of the actual water quality, remains to be determined. When I do kicks like this I check multiple spots including under rocks, next to the bank, under fallen branches, and in any vegetation I find so all the bases are covered. I'll keep you guys posted on my findings when I do another kick in late March. Photos of the insects I found today...


Crane Fly Larvae
Small Baetis Nymphs

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