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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fishing Report Jan. 10 2012 - Written

Midges and more midges! Flows are where they should be for the Arkansas and South Platte tailwaters with the exception of Cheesman Canyon/Deckers, which is still sitting at a healthy 172 c.f.s. Elevenmile Canyon is moving along at 70 c.f.s. and the bottom 2/3's of the canyon is pretty well covered in ice. If you plan on fishing the Dream Stream or the Canyon stay close to the dams, and even then be prepared for ice breaking off the banks to be an obstacle as temperatures rise during the day. Flow on the Arkansas below Pueblo is 61 c.f.s.

Flies to come armed with for both tailwaters are: San Juan Worms, Baetis emerges like the RS-2 in gray or olive and the BWO Barr's Emerger sizes 22-24, pegged eggs, South Platte Brassies size 22-24, Black Beauties 22-24, Bubbleback Midges size 22, Mojo Midges size 22.

Stay warm and tight lines everybody!

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