Roll Over Accident In 11 Mile Canyon 7-22-14

Was eating lunch with my clients at camp A today, and saw 3-4 fire trucks, 2 ambulances, 1 cop, and a partridge and a pear tree... All driving up the canyon to rescue someone. I asked the lady at the gate what happened, and she said that there was a roll over crash above camp A. I don't have any specific details, but I doubt they needed that many emergency personnel if someone didn't get hurt. I'll let you guys know if I hear anything.

This may sound preachy and redundant, but please drive slow and be safe up there! That road gets extremely narrow in spots, and there's no shortage of steep deadly drop-offs. Been seeing a lot of guys acting like it's the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Drive at reasonable speeds and get home safe to your respective families. 

Tight Lines!

Crazy Worm Found in Bear Creek 7-2-14

Was doing a bug check at Bear Creek today. We were mostly doing this with the intention of tuning in our camera settings for taking bug shots on local tailwaters for our book. I've been doing bug kicks for some time, and while I've never pretended to be an entomologist, I'd like to think I have our tailwaters pretty dialed in. Small streams, however, are a different beast, and today we dredged up this worm that looked like it was straight out of that "monsters inside me" tv show. The video was shot at 60 fps, which ended up being the perfect speed because it accurately captured how quickly this worm was whipping around in real life.

A question I get often from clients during guide trips is, can I drink the water? My honest answer is yes, but if you knew what was swimming around in there, would you want to? And this just reaffirms that...

Basically, we would like to know more about this. If any of you can answer the simple questions like, is this non-native? is it parasitic? have you ever seen these in other rivers in Colorado? are these potentially in our drinking water? does this thing give you the heebee jeebees? etc... We would love to hear from you!

Also, just a heads up that the parts in the video where it looks like part of the worm disappears are from reflections coming off the surface of the water in the dish we were using.

Quick Dream Stream Fishing Report - 6-29-14

Yesterdays trip started out by the barns. There are still a ton of suckers in the area, but the good news is that there are some trout mixed in. Unless you see fish rising to emerging tricos or adult midges, try throwing a tandem nymph rig with Barr's Emergers in either the bwo or pmd flavor behind a san juan worm. Make sure you have enough weight to drop your flies quickly. As of the writing of this report the flow is at 276 cfs.

Fish could literally be anywhere in the river. We found them in the deeper pools and we sight fished to trout in riffles. The fish in the riffles are a little more opportunistic, so focus your attention there. As the sun gets higher target the deeper pools.  If you see fish rising, a size 22-24 Barr's Visadun trico or a Griffith's Gnat in the same size should do the trick. When it gets windy in the afternoon, which we all know is the norm, consider tying on a hopper with a weighted nymph such as a tungsten bead head pheasant tail as a dropper. Cover a lot of ground and pound the bank and anywhere there's structure.

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Great Post by Jamie Roth on His Recent Adventure at the Taylor River!

Follow the link to check it out...

Cool Short Video Shot on the Dream Stream by Brad Kilgroe!

Colorado Dreamin' (Dream Stream 2014) from Brad Kilgroe on Vimeo.

The Tricos Are Here! - 11 Mile Canyon Fishing Report 6-27-14

2 days ago I did a kick and found many large trico nymphs that looked like they were ready to pop, and even saw a few adult tricos in the air. This morning there was a full on hatch! It was a sight for sore eyes, and the resulting hatch made for some excellent morning fishing.

The money fly was a size 22 Flashback Barr's Emerger bwo, which does a decent job of also imitating an emerging trico in 11 MC.  However, around 9:30 am the wind picked up and didn't let to many bugs hit the water, so I didn't get to see how eager the trout would be to feed on the spinner fall at 300 c.f.s. There were a few fish rising sporadically, but I think it's a little soon for the truly great dry fly fishing we associate with the trico hatch. Don't worry that time is coming soon!

There are still a few caddis flying around, and even some pmds coming off around lunch time, but again, few fish rising to them. That doesn't mean that a well placed size 16-18 bead head pheasant tail or bead head Barr's Emerger in a pmd flavor won't fool a fish... We were using 5x tippet to our first fly (san juan worm), and 6x tippet to our dropper (Barr's Emerger bwo). Our indicator was set at a depth of 6 feet from our first fly, with enough weight on our leader to cut through all this fantabulousness water we have in our rivers. 3 number 4 size split shot about 16 inches above your first fly should do the trick.

Tight lines!

Today's On The Fly Column - Hopper/Dropper

Hey everyone, just wanted to share my newspaper post on hopper/dropper fishing. If you're new to it and would like to learn a little about how to fish, and how to set up a hopper/dropper rig, follow the LINK!