Gazette Article - How To Properly Handle Trout!

Fishing Report 1-23-15 - Deckers

It was a slow day for fishing, and a moderate day for crowds. There was a car parked in just about every spot from Wigwam to Trumbull, but still plenty of open water to share. Fish were hunkered down all morning with very few signs of feeding. Starting a little before 1 pm there was a decent midge hatch, but we didn't see a single rising trout. Fish became a little more active in the afternoon, with my client getting the most obvious takes during this time, and even landing one colorful little brown on a red midge pupa suspended under an indicator. Overall, it was still a beautiful day, and we had a great time!

On the Fly - The Difference Between Fluorocarbon and Monofilament Leader Material

Here's the link to this months On the Fly column! Also, just wanted to thank you guys for your support, and to let you know that I haven't forgot about the blog, I've just been working hard to get my book finished. As soon as it's done I'll turn my attention back here, and get to work posting some tying videos and other helpful tips. Who knows, we might even get to go fishing! Fingers crossed...

Gink and Gasoline Fly Shop of the Year 2014 Contest

Gink and Gasoline is having a contest to win fly shop of the year. If you've had an enjoyable experience with me as your guide, with any of the other guides, or any of our super knowledgeable and friendly staff in the shop, follow this link to the G&G Facebook page and vote for Anglers Covey! We appreciate your support!

Fly Fishing Bachelor Party Guide Trip

Hey everyone, just thought we'd share this quick video put together by Dave Herber of a recent guide trip that doubled as a bachelor party. It was a gorgeous day, with just enough action to keep our attention on the water. Tough to beat! Thanks Dave Herber for putting these together as always! Dave also has a great video of his adventure to the recently opened lakes on Pikes Peak. Follow this link to visit his youtube channel and check it out.


The Importance Of Confidence Flies - On The Fly

Here's the link to this months article, and a photo of my fall confidence fly, the blue winged olive Barr's Emerger.

Jamie's Journal Blog Post - Pike Fishing On The Fly

Here's a great post from Jamie Roth talking about his experience pike fishing from his new pontoon boat. If you haven't checked out his site yet be sure to Like his Facebook page and bookmark his blog. He does great work. Follow the link!

Quick Flow Report - South Platte and Arkansas River 10-10-14

Cheesman Canyon/Deckers - 234 c.f.s. Highly recommend a visit to Deckers at this flow!

Elevenmile Canyon - 73 c.f.s.  This is a lot better than it was at it's lowest a month ago.

Dream Stream - 83 c.f.s. Good, wish it was 100 c.f.s. but....

Arkansas below Pueblo - 121 c.f.s.  Got word that this spot has been fishing great!

Arkansas at Canyon City - 405 c.f.s.

Arkansas at Salida - 415 c.f.s.

Arkansas near Wellsville - 514 c.f.s.

I'd be willing to bet that the Arkansas river in general is fishing pretty alright!

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