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Monday, March 21, 2016

Fly Fishing Photography 101 Class On March 30th and April 20th

My whole life I've lived by several mottos. The first is to treat people the way you expect to get treated. Second, If you're going to pursue your passions, pursue them passionately. My family, fishing, and photography have been my pursuits over the years, and on March 30th and April 20th I hope to share that passion with anyone interested in learning how to shoot a camera to capture moments such as the ones shown below. We'll discuss the fundamentals for beginners -including framing your shot, lighting, camera settings, editing photos, and the list goes on. Also, some of you aspiring video shooters might not be surprised how much of these fundamentals apply toward shooting film ;)  If you're in the Colorado Springs/Pueblo/Denver Area, and your interested in having a fun night of learning with me (Jon Kleis), then follow this link to view more details and sign up! Hope to see you there! The class starts at 6 pm at Anglers Covey Fly Shop.

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