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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

South Platte Fishing Report 3-14-2012

Flows have been sitting around 100 cfs for the Dream Stream stretch below Spinney and 11Mile Reservoirs.   And despite what i have been hearing from reports coming in the spawn is still in its early stages.  This is a good thing!  If you are planning a trip below Spinney Reservoir try parking at the gauging station bridge and work your way down stream.  Use eggs, BWO Barr's Emergers 22, Olive RS-2's 22-24, Black Beauties 22-26, Olive Mojo Midges 22-24, Redzone Midges 24-26, Red Sanjuan worms, Flashback Pheasant tail nymphs 18-22.  Watch for the flow to bump up because it will bring in more fish.  The crowd level is a 10/10 so get there early and be prepared to deal with a people hatch.  Here is the link to the Colorado Division Of Water Resources to check stream flows.  As of March 14 it is 112 cubic feet per second (c.f.s.).

If you are heading to 11Mile canyon go armed with the same flies.  The water is crystal clear so it's important for this stretch that you use 5x-6x fluorocarbon leaders and tippet.  You will start to see more Redds with fish on them as time progresses so try to avoid fishing to spawning fish.  You will be able to tell within 3 casts if a fish is spawning because it will completely ignore your offering and then start shaking its tail to kick vegetation and dirt off the bottom.  At this point it literally doesn't matter what you throw at the fish because it has one thing on its mind so it's best to just leave the fish be and let it make future generations of fish for us to harass.  Flow is at 99 c.f.s.  If fish are feeding on top use size 26 Parachute Adams, size 22-24 Matt's Midges, size 20-22 Viz-a-duns (bwo). 

The Cheesman Canyon/Deckers area has been fishing great.  The Flow is at 187 and the spawn is happening.  Fish are few and far between but I have seen photos of quality 6lb plus fish coming out of there.  Crowds will be an issue here as well.  Flies of choice will be Pat's Rubberlegs, Egg Patterns, Sanjuan worms, Bottom Rollers, and the bwo and midge imitations I have already mentioned.  With flows where they are look for fish in pocket water near deeper runs and structure.

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