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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fishing Report For The South Platte River Drainage 7-28-2011

Flows are finally coming down and the fishing is heating up which is music to everyones ears!  The flows for the Cheesman Canyon/Deckers area have dropped to the low 400's c.f.s. and Cheesman Canyon has been fishing great.  Amy's Ants in olive and red are still staples along with Hoppers, Tricos if you take the low road and PMD's.  Stonefly nymphs are great attractor patterns as well. 

The Dream Stream has dropped from record breaking flows to a comfortable 200 c.f.s. and has been fishing great however once word gets out like it has the crowds get ridonkulous so I would recommend staying away or trying to get there early on a week day.  Trico's and PMD's are on the menu.

And our workhorse 11mile Canyon is flowing around the upper 200 c.f.s. and is fishing great as always.  Dry flies in the catch and release water in the morning from the two tunnels area up.  Tricos are a must!  In the afternoon nymph fish with drowned Trico's and midges such as small Black Beauties and South Platte Brassies.  In the Evening I would go back to dry flies with Caddis imitations and Hoppers.  Pound the banks and cover lots of water.  Staying in one spot typically means your getting skunked when late afternoon/early evening fishing because of pressure.

I know Im not the only person thats excited about this crazy late spring runoff ending and the start of epic dry fly fishing.  Have fun out there and tight lines!

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