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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Correction on the Urban Flyfishing Post

Found out from facebook friend Lee that the Prospect lake the c.d.o.w. website was referring to was the one that is 3 blocks from his home in Wheat Ridge Colorado.  So in the interest of keeping all the information I give my readers as honest and accurate as possible there are actually two Prospect lakes in Colorado and though I have seen huge carp in our own Prospect lake in the Springs the current and potential future state record Grass Carp and the heaviest fish landed in Colorado belongs to the Prospect Lake in the town of Wheat Ridge just west of Denver.  I say potential future state record because Lee also informed me that there is a rumor that last week the Prospect lake in Wheat Ridge produced a 68lb Grass Carp.  Ill do my best to keep you informed if Colorado has a new heaviest fish landed in an Urban Stillwater!  Do I sense a heavyweight battle for heavist fish landed in Urban Colorado amongst C.Springs and Denver coming? We shall see...

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