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Friday, November 11, 2011

Kleis's Top Ten Flies For Colorado # 1

#1 The Parachute Adams

It didn't seem right not to have what could be flyfishing's most productive and timeless dry fly as number one on my list, or anybody's list for that matter.  Out of all the dry flies I have fished with over the last 16 years the Parachute Adams has landed more fish for me on the surface than all others.  Beginning tyers this is the pattern that will push you to become better tyers and will ultimately be one of your biggest go-to flies when trout are on top.  This pattern is way too obvious as a number one contender for top fly in Colorado.  So much so that I had to lie to a fellow tyer the other day to keep him from guessing my top choice... 

The Parachute Adam's is consistent with my theme of generic patterns that never seem to stop catching fish and last through the ages.  It's a fairly visible pattern with a parachute post made of white calf body hair sitting on top.  It floats great and sits nice and low in the film. Tied in larger sizes (sizes 14-18) this fly is great for imitating adult Caddis or Callibaetis in lakes and reservoirs.  A size 22-26 Parachute Adams can be taken as an adult B.W.O. or a midge in rivers and small streams.  During the colder months on any of the tailwaters we have here in Colorado a size 26 Adams will consistently fool selective trout, and if they are being extra picky an old guide trick I learned last year that has worked wonders for me is to clip the tail off.  The clipped tail gives it a smaller profile that is closer to a midge or a cluster of midges and it will surprise many of you how much of a difference little things like that can make.

Noticably missing from my list are the San Juan Worm, Prince Nymph, Pat's Rubber Leg, Stimilator, Wooly Bugger, and many other fly patterns that have become house hold names in the sport of flyfishing.  Again the flies on my list are just one experienced flyfishers take on what I would carry in my box forsaking all others to give me the best chance to catch fish in Colorado.  All of the flies I just named that are not on my list are great flies, but I either haven't fished with them enough for lack of confidence in the fly, or caught enough fish with the San Juan's and Prince Nymphs to beat out what I chose.   Also noticeably missing from my list are my own patterns.  Even though I have an unlimited supply of confidence in my personal creations many of which have landed more fish for me than the patterns on my top ten.  It didn't feel right to put a bunch of patterns I haven't submitted and therefor would be impossible to buy at a fly shop short of Anglers Covey on the list. 

So there you have it.  Out of all the fly patterns you could fish to a rising fish just about any time of year in Colorado this new school fisherman and tyer with a taste for the old school is telling you to tie on a Parachute Adams before anything else.  If you carry a small fly box full of Parachute Adams in all sizes you are well on your way to being that guy who everyone stops to ask what he's using.  Thanks to everyone who has been super patient with me and followed this!  Seriously I really appreciate the support and positive feedback I get from writing blogs and sharing knowledge.  If you enjoy my site please subscribe to because there is plenty more to come.

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