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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kleis's Top Ten Flies For Colorado # 2

#2 The RS-2

The RS-2 was created by Colorado tyer Rim Chung and is another oldie but goodie that has spawned many variations on a theme.  The name RS-2 stands for Rim Semblance number two.  It is my understanding that he created it to imitate any kind of emerging insect but it best imitates a Blue Winged Olive mayfly emerger.   

The above photo is of a variation of the RS-2 called a Sparkle Wing named appropriately for the flashy material used for the wing, and was redesigned by another great Colorado tyer Charlie Craven.   Of course Pat Dorsey threw a clear glass bead on this one as well.  The Mercury RS-2 is a great pattern to fish in faster pocket water during spring and late fall because of the extra flash given off by the bead.  The Charlie Craven Sparkle Wing RS-2 is my favorite to fish in the film as the pattern was meant to be used.  I guide and fish with light dun colored RS-2's in sizes 22-24 during spring, and olive in the same sizes in the late fall. 

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