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Thursday, October 4, 2012

South Platte Fishing Report 10-4-2012

It's that time of year again when Colorado scenery is unmatched, temps are finally consistently cooler, brown trout are starting to run, and Pike and Lake Trout are searching the shallows looking for big bites before winter grabs us with it's icy grip.  The South Platte in spots is fishing very good.

Tricos are coming off later in the morning in both 11 Mile Canyon and the Dream Stream.  Look for Tricos to emerge starting around 8:30 a.m. with the spinner fall happening around 10:30-11 a.m. and lasting about an hour.  Fish are still feeding pretty heavily on Trico Spinners, but they are staying close to cover when up top.  So look for them tight against undercut banks and rocks, and in areas with overhanging bushes.  The cooler temps are killing off the weeds in both the canyon and the dream stream as well so be prepared to clean gunk off your flies every third or so drift if you're nymphing.

Flows are in the 140's c.f.s. for the Dream Stream, and in the mid 80's c.f.s. for 11 Mile Canyon.  Both are great flows, and as temps continue to cool we will start to see more browns moving in.  As for Cheesman Canyon and Deckers the flow is 92 c.f.s.  I haven't fished either area in months but I have heard reports that Deckers hasn't been fishing so hot which is typical for this time of year, and I haven't heard a single bad report about Cheesman all year.  In fact Cheesman is on the top of my list of spots to hit before the snow starts really falling.

Flies to have in your box for the entire South Platte Drainage are:  Barr's Emergers in a BWO flavor, Black Beauties, Eggs, Red San Juan Worms, Black and Olive RS-2's, Black and Olive Mojo Midges, Buckskins, Bubbleback Midges, Red Copper Johns, South Platte Brassies, Barr's Trico Vis-A-Dun, Pearl Butt Trico Spinners, and Matt's Midge in Black.

If interested in doing a guided trip with me this fall shoot me an email at

Thanks and tight lines!

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