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Friday, October 26, 2012

Epic Time Lapse Fail

We went to Garden of the Gods the other morning to try and capture some epic time lapse photography of Pikes Peak which is something I really want to include in future videos, and it didn't turn out the way we wanted.  We plan on sharing more of these type cut clips with you guys to show how much work it really is to accomplish some of the things we want to accomplish, and hopefully eventually have a finished product that we are happy with, and will get people excited about fishing here in Colorado.  Two things happened that morning that were working against us.

First is that I didn't clean the lens so there is dust in the video.  It is especially important to make sure the  the lens is clean before shooting with unlimited depth of field, which we were...  The next thing that was working against us was the weather.  When we started shooting the clouds were doing some crazy things over the Peak and we tried to time it so that at some point during the clip Pikes Peak would show it's freshly snow covered face, and it never did.  Still it never gets old watching clouds roll over Colorado's beautiful mountains so we at Coloradoflyfisher wanted to share.

Time Lapse Attempt Pikes Peak from coloradoflyfisher on Vimeo.

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