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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Scared Antelope

Where there was three there is now two extremely scared Antelope.  As you can tell in the video they are a lot more comfortable in these people's front yard next to the road than they are grazing out in the open like they normally do.  At one point not seen in the video we actually tried to scare them, and they ran ten feet in one direction and then quickly turned back like they realized it was still safer with the humans in the jeep than out there with someones giant pet chihuahua...

We went up yesterday with the intention of trying to catch the "Wolfy" looking predator that some have claimed is just a Coyote on film so that I could show you guys what I've been seeing and put an end to the mystery but the dog was a no show.  Still his presence alone was enough to keep what's left of the antelope glued to the house and road.  We shot a little video for you guys to see what Im talking about.

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