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Monday, October 1, 2012

Building A Camera Stabilizer Rig

I wanted to share with everyone my custom camera stabilizer rig made out of PVC pipe.  It is 1/2 inch pvc and various elbows and t-joints all covered in electrical tape.  There are a ton of waterproof video cameras on the market and plenty of anglers and photographers using them.  Many of these underwater camera's are small handhelds, and that makes them hard to hold steady.

When searching the web for an affordable solution I came across this gem.

This guy put out this video with a killer and affordable home made rig.  Mine is literally the same with a few modifications.  I made the front wider because my gopro cameras have a pretty wide angle and I have huge hands, and I didn't want the sides of the rig or my hands to show up in my footage.  I used electrical tape instead of the hockey tape he used in the video because it is a little more water proof and I fully intend on submerging this thing in a trout stream.  Also I couldn't find a bicycle handle grip that I was happy with so I opted for tennis racket handle tape.  The cost was a little more than he advertised in the video but that was because I purchased the materials at Lowes rather than online.

Anyone interested in having me build you one or have any questions shoot me an email at

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  1. Tried the Manfrotto 585-1 and found it to be a little filmy. It may be OK for super light cameras, but none of mine worked. Got this one on Amazon and so far no stabilizer


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