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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Important For Our Safety And Our Future

I was sitting down doing some reading and thinking about what it means to be a free society.  People seem to live under the illusion of having freedom in this country simply because well, its America!  Land of the free and home of the brave.  Free to eat what we want, say what we want, and do what we want.  Free to breathe the clean air, and free to live the life style we want so long as we pursue it.  Nothing in this world is free including the air you breathe.

Climate change is an ever growing cause of concern for many, and reason to joke and laugh at tree hugging liberals for others.  What many of us choose to ignore on a subconscious level are the signs that are all around us.  That we are paying for everything.  We pay in medical bills, and the loss of life, liberty and happiness.  This year we had the largest and most devastating fires in our states history!  And yet some of us continue to ignore even the possibility that we are experiencing climate change while we drive up to the gas pump and PAY 4 dollars a gallon.  

Big business and capitalism are sucking our planet dry, but as long as our favorite burger stand is still open and we can watch our favorite television programs promoting teen pregnancy and cheating then we are still free.  Laguna Beach and buff Italians with tans rejoice!  The article I was reading this morning was all about the more frequent appearance of chem trails and their true purpose and effect on our ecosystem.  

For those of you unfamiliar with what a chem trail is I am sure that most of you have seen one and never given it a second thought.  A lot of times they are hidden within the clouds which I have an aching suspicion is done on purpose so people assume it's a natural occurrence.  Here is a short video I took this morning of several of them over our beautiful city.   


Not only are they not natural, but it appears that they could have a very sinister purpose!  That purpose is to temporarily cool the climate by pumping metals in the air to reflect sunlight out of our atmosphere. The first question that comes to mind is how did they get financing for this, and second why is this happening without first telling the people the truth including potential environmental consequences and putting it to a vote?  We live in a free democracy right?

The truth is that many things that hurt our planet and our country are done without our permission and without the public having been informed that yes this could give you cancer.  The truth is that any time people do things that have a profound effect on the environment we all suffer.  Not just the plants and animals.  We all suffer because we are all connected.  You mean republicans and tree hugging liberals are connected?  An original strain of OUR STATES NATIVE FISH is somehow connected to all of us and is important?  Yes. Get over it.

I came across this documentary about chem trails, and it has some very strong proof that we are letting "the powers that be" mess up our environment for financial gain and a short term cooling of our planet.  Essentially trying to control weather and weather patterns meanwhile making our planet warmer and killing off plant life in the process.  No plant life and warmer temps are historically bad for fish.  BAD FOR FISH...  You my friends are connected to the fish!  Connected a lot both literally and figuratively if we have anything to say about it.

Why am I ranting?  Because everybody and their mom should be ranting about this.  In fact we should all be demanding from our government to know what is in these chem trails and then we the people decide if it continues.  That is how our democracy should run.  The entire country puts to a vote whether or not the product (things like bottled water) are worth the cost (killing our planet).  And we decide the future, and hopefully as a people decide that a green planet and air that is free of chemicals which cause disease is more important than convenience.  We need to stop leaving it up to 1 percent of this country to decide what's best for the other 300 million people.

So that our children can enjoy the things we have, and enjoy true freedom!

I leave you with this video and a message.  The video is the study about chem trails and climate change which is pretty dang long, but all you really need to watch is the first ten minutes to get an idea of why we should all be concerned.  My message is to turn off the tv and start paying attention to the true subjects of importance.  Compassion for other people and our planet is a good start.  Preaching a true message of equality and of a free democracy where we all vote on the important subjects rather than the crap we are bombarded with by the media controlled by a select few.  Watch this video and write your congressman.  Live life to it's fullest!

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