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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Inventor Of The Elk Hair Caddis Passed Away

I received a post on Facebook from a friend sharing the sad news that yet another great tyer has passed away.  I say great even though I didn't know much about Al Troth, but anybody that creates a pattern as timeless as the Elk Hair Caddis has to be considered one of the greats.  You guys know I have a soft spot for remembering and giving credit to tyers that have invented flies that have literally taken over the industry and this is one of those times.  For an extremely well written article on Al Troth follow this link to the Bozeman Daily.


  1. My former partner and friend Dan Byford died last winter. Dan invented the Zonker (1976) while we had a fly shop in Steamboat Spring, CO. The Zonker is a classic example of a fly that has tested time and continues to be a fly of choice for many guides and their clients.

    1. Sorry to hear about that Trout Sage. The Zonker is definitely a time tested pattern that catches fish. I find it fascinating that so many of the great tyers have either lived in Colorado or have some sort of affiliation with Colorado. Thanks for sharing!


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