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Friday, August 31, 2012

Politics and Flyfishing - Casting My Vote

One More Cast

Democrats or republicans I care not.
Missing from the ballot is human compassion.  
Missing from the ballot is a sense of real purpose. 
I vote for one more cast!

 If a comet comes will you care about war?
Will you care about who's God is greater?
Or would you treasure every second left and head to a trout stream with your family?
I hear there are mountains with moving water in Afghanistan.
I vote for one more cast!

This isn't about who to cast your vote for.  
This is about what.
What's important?
Greed and anger?
Or getting the perfect drift?
I vote for one more cast!

Argue until you're blue in the face about same sex marriage.
Argue about money.
Rich man or poor man we are all dead men walking.

Why not share?
Share a secret fishing spot.
Share your wealth and your wisdom.
Take care of those less fortunate.
Because one day you'll be on your death bed, and all of the money 
and fancy things you voted and worked so hard for won't matter.
At that moment I bet you vote for one more cast!

Golden rules to still live by.
Are you the type of person who lets somebody over that's trying to turn onto a busy street?
You're losing friends you don't really know on some social network.
Treat people the way you expect to get treated and we all end up on the river.
When you get into fishing you're expected to display etiquette.
Respect each others space.
Wait your turn.

Come election time cast your vote.
Not for big business.
Not for greedy politicians.
Vote to live in the moments that give you chills and set your soul on fire.
Vote for one more cast!


  1. I really enjoyed this. Very moving post. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  2. Jon, You blew-me-away with your "One More Cast".

    Thanks, Joe


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