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Saturday, July 14, 2012

South Platte Is Flowing

Despite the total lack of precipitation this year the South Platte river from as far up as Cheesman is running over 200 c.f.s.  This is great news for the fish and the rest of us!  Hatches include Trico's, Caddis, and PMDs.  The bite dies off insanely quick starting around one p.m. and then doesn't pick back up until the last hour before the sun goes down.

Good patterns to have are: Trico Viz-a-duns size 22-24, black RS-2's, Black Beauties 20-24,  South Platte Brassies size 22-24, BH Pheasant Tail nymphs size 16-20,  Olive Sparkle Pupa size 16-18, Elk Hair Caddis size 16-18, and Amy's Ants in olive or red.  The water in the lower stretch of 11Mile Canyon is off color from Springer Gulch down because of runoff from the Springer fire so I don't advise harassing those fish until it clears up.  However the upper stretch is fishing fantastic in the morning so set your alarms!   The Dream Stream is fishing good in the morning with the same bugs. 

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