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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kleis's Fly Of The Week - Barr's Damsel Nymph

Damsels are a great bug for stillwater anglers to imitate during the dog days of summer.  Many anglers new to the sport have inadvertently imitated the nymph stage of the Damsel with an olive leech pattern or Wooly Bugger.  All this under the assumption that the fish were taking their flies as a baitfish of some sort, and in some cases that would be a safe bet.

Fish are also taking those olive leech patterns as Damsel nymphs.  Damsels have paddle shaped tails, and resemble a small baitfish or fry in both color and profile.  They are also readily available to trout in nutrient rich ponds and lakes that have plenty of vegetation.  

John Barr is a famous Colorado tyer that has created a number of productive fly patterns including the Copper John so it shouldn't surprise anyone that his stillwater bugs catch fish as well.  His Damsel Nymph is a very clever representation of the insect that everyone should have in their boxes.  Fish it under an indicator as part of a two fly system, or by itself with short strip retrieves.

Barr's Damsel



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