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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kleis's Fly Of The Week - The Peacock Caddis

The Peacock Caddis is an oldie but goodie that is a great imitation of many of the darker bodied Caddis that hatch in our local waters.  Try this fly in tandem with smaller hard to see Trico imitations in 11 Mile Canyon, or by itself during the afternoon/evening Caddis hatch anywhere on the South Platte.  Small stream anglers should have a baker's dozen of each size in their box.  The Peacock Caddis is also a great generic dry fly for fishing stillwater.  Caddis in general are extremely overlooked as a viable food source for trout in our ponds, lakes, and reservoirs.  Good local places to try the Peacock when fish are on top are: Rosemont Reservoir, Crystal, South Catamount, North Catamount, Quail Lake, and Pikeview Reservoir.     

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