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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kleis's Fly Of The Week - Murphy's Bubble-Back Midge

Rick Murphy's Bubble-Back Midge is a Rainy's pattern, and has been a local favorite for years.  It is produced in black, olive, and gray and can be taken as a midge pupa or an emerging baetis.  Try fishing the black color on the South Platte or Arkansas tailwaters during the Trico hatch, and of course during the winter when midges are the main staple.  The gray and olive Bubble-Backs are both great spring time colors when Baetis are emerging. The beauty of this pattern is that midges are on a trout's menu year around so it's a safe bet to fish this as a dropper behind whatever dominant hatch you are imitating and you will catch fish.   It is only available through Rainy's in size 22 so if you want to tye them up in a different size I have included a how to video done with the creator himself.  Give these a spin and I promise you won't be disappointed.     

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