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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dream Stream July Bugs - Shucking Trico

Today was a "hook up with a few fish and struggle because of fluctuating flows" kind of day on the Dream Stream, but we still made the best of it. My favorite part was when I looked over while I was fishing to see Kristen laying on her stomach in the grass with the macro lens on the DSLR taking bug photos. Cuter still was when Bree saw this as an opportunity to use Kristen as a bench to sit on while mama was shooting. We got the photos home, and considering that Kristen hasn't had a whole lot of experience shooting macro she got some really cool stuff.

So for the next couple of days we will be posting her work in the morning before we head out to harass fish. Today we will start with a few photos she managed to get of a trico mayfly molting. There are only three because I have a suspicion Bree was making life a little harder at the moment. Toddlers have a tendency to do that... Check it out!

In this photo you can see the empty shuck at the base of it's tail as it pulls free, and the shuck tearing over it's back. Also notice that the wings had already broken through.

It's soft wings are pulling through as it continues breaking free.

Again getting closer as you can see the base of the wing has pulled through the shuck.

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