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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Opening Day of Spinney - Fishing Report and Photos 2014!

It was a memorable opening day! We got up there as the sun was coming up, and were greeted with a bitter cold south park wind, deciding to brave the weather mostly out of excitement. The toddler was cranky and I can't say that I blame her. Mama and Bree stayed wrapped up in layers of clothes and a fleece blanket, and refused to move. The air temperature reading in our jeep said it was 22 degrees outside, so I'm not going to guess what the wind chill was.

Standing on the shore and getting crushed by wave after wave, you can't help but think about the fact that a few days ago this reservoir was completely covered in ice, and you start to feel like a slice of lemon in a cold glass of ice water. We withstood the punishment for almost 3 hours before deciding to call it and find our buddies, Steve and Travis.

They were fishing in a mud puddle by the south boat ramp. For you guys and gals with boats, that ramp was closed, and I didn't think to ask the game warden -who was checking licenses- when it opens. I'll give you a heads up if I hear anything. Anyway, the girls stayed in the car to get warm and I joined the fellas for a half hour before they left for warmer fishing opportunities. All this after the game warden told Kristen she had to sign her fishing license before he had to pistol whip her. Awkward... and hilarious!

We went back to our original parking spot by the dam, and I decided to give it one last try before we threw in the towel. I can't count how many cars we saw leaving this morning! Literally, I thought everyone was giving up... Being the stubborn angler that I am, I figured I would stick around and see what happens when it warms up a little. None of that having to do with the fact that Kristen reminded me that the fishing didn't pick up last year until around 10 a.m.

9:45 and I hook and land my first fish! It was a healthy rainbow roughly 20 inches in length and colorful. It fell victim to the classic orange and red egg, and the hit occurred right past the end of my rod. Kristen made me promise her that if I hook one fish I would come back to the car to get her, but I wanted to make sure that first fish wasn't a fluke, so I threw out one more cast and landed another fish as big as the first.

I get to the car and Kristen is signing for me to give her a thumbs up or a thumbs down, and the look on her face was priceless when it was a thumbs up. Two ladies who didn't want anything to do with the cold anymore were suddenly jumping out of the car with excitement and racing me to the spot. Funny how the fish biting will do that!

We get down to the water and I had to prove the bite was on by catching another fish, which didn't take very long. The only part about catching this trout that wasn't routine was when I looked over at Kristen after hooking up, to see her sitting on the edge of the ice shelf lining the shore, and watching it break under her butt. She landed with a thud, and we were both so shocked that we began laughing uncontrollably, all while I was still playing the fish.

Then Kristen stepped up to the plate and landed fish of the day 3 casts into her first attempt! The look on her face when she saw it jump was priceless.

The "oh my word" look.

Kristen's first fish, and fish of the day. Safe to say, you're pretty stoked when your first hook up is a tubba rainbow like this.

The wind and water were still freezing, but the air temp had come up ten degrees, and even Bree started doing her usual thing; playing with rocks and kissing fish. She even took the time to get a nap in...

30-40 m.p.h. winds with temps probably in the single digits? Think I'll take a nap on this uncomfortable looking rock! Seriously, who's toddler does this?! People driving by probably thought she was dead. Mom and dad continue to fish...

 Is it any wonder why I'm whooped! Kristen holding another fish of the day contender, and just look at those smiles!
Me playing a fish and getting crushed by waves of ice water.
Daddy getting hit with another wave, and Bree playing with a stick.
Kristen going to work.
Game face, bro. Game face...
Fumble shot.

Kristen enjoying her new Simms jackets. Having fun in the cold.
Overall, what started out as a bitter cold doodoo show, turned into a classic day on Spinney. Anyone interested in fishing here should bring eggs, black or olive leeches, and a few different flavors of chironomids. If you're fishing from shore, get close to the dam, or find a point with a drop-off. I love to do walk and wade trips these first couple of weeks after opening day, so if you're interested in doing a guide trip here drop me a line at Hope you enjoyed the story/report/photos! Tight lines.


  1. Great report! 10:00 AM - I'll remember that since I'm always slow to start in the morning...

    1. We've also been in that habit. Think we were just excited for this one.


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