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Monday, April 7, 2014

Elevenmile Canyon Fishing Report 4-7-14

The last couple of days in 11 MC have been great! Anglers were caught, fish were caught, even wildlife. Flows are low and the water clear. There's been decent midge hatches in the morning giving away to blue wing olives by around 1 p.m. During the morning midge hatch there are only a few sporadic rises, so bring your 9' 5wt. nymph rod and 6x fluorocarbon. Good flies to bring are: Apricot Eggs, Black Beauties size 22-24, Top Secret Midges 22-24, Barr's Emergers bwo size 22, Cheesman Emergers size 22-24, JuJu Baetis size 22.

Between 12:30-1:00 p.m. there are still enough midges on the water -combined with emerging b.w.o.s- that the fish really let their guard down and the dry fly fishing gets good. The window for this is pretty short, with the surface bite only lasting 30-45 minutes. Afterwords, the fishing gets noticeably tougher. Anglers patient enough can still catch fish, but with water that clear, and the sun getting higher in the sky, the majority of fish go on siesta. Anglers wanting to throw dries should start covering a lot of ground and stalking individual fish. Anyone wanting to nymph should be prepared to move more and work harder, also. If your the type of angler that doesn't need to catch a ton of fish and doesn't mind working for them, but would prefer to have more space to yourself, the afternoon/evening is your time!

Good dry flies to bring are Parachute Adams size 24-26, Griffith's Gnats 22-26, and Barr's Visadun bwo size 22-24.

Current flow - 90 c.f.s.
Hatches -  Midges and Baetis
Fishing - 7/10

Here are a few photos from the last couple days. Hope they inspire you to get out somewhere and wet a line!

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