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Friday, May 24, 2013

11 Mile Canyon Fishing Report 5-24-13

Jim Browning, Kristen and I went to 11 Mile Canyon and had a great time. Flows are around 50 c.f.s. but fish were still in the shallow runs and riffles. From sunrise to about 11:00 a.m. fishing was consistent. A steady mix of cutthroats, browns, and rainbows came to the net on Top Secret Midges, JuJu Bee Midges, and Brassies. We started above the first bend above the culverts and worked our way up towards the dam. The weather was drop dead gorgeous and the company wasn't to shabby either... Thanks Jim for a mellow and seriously fun time on the water! Here are a few photos we took during today's trip!

Sunrise In The Canyon - Photo by Kristen 
Lit up rainbow - Photo by Kristen
Battle Scarred and Spotted
Jim releasing a fish - Photo by Kristen
Kristen going to work!

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