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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Pearl San Juan Worm

For the last week I have been working on my first ever worm box, and one of the synthetic materials I have been using in place of Standard Ultra Chenille to tie my San Juan Worms is a Hareline product called Pearl Core Braid. As it's name suggest it has a core that comes in a variety fish catching colors, and is surrounded by a clear pearl braided flash. Trust me when I tell you that the photos aren't doing the material justice, and that this worm pattern will shred lips!

In fact, I would be stunned if they didn't catch fish in the Pueblo tailwater during the coldest days of winter.  These would also do great on the South Platte tailwaters after a bump in flows or during runoff.  The "sex band" on the worm is a thread base covered in Clear Cure Goo and then coated with Sally Hansen's. Other than that it's tied just like a typical San Juan. I will say that there is a trick to melting and forming the ends of the Pearl Core Braid, and that it has to be done or the fly falls apart. If I get any interest in seeing how this is done I will gladly do a video to show off the technique.

The Pearl San Juan Worm

Hook: Your favorite Scud hook. I like the TMC 2488 in a size 14
Thread: Yes please...  Use a color that looks good for the band.
Worm material: Pearl Core Braid
Band: Thread covered in awesome Clear Cure Goo (CCG) and coated with Sally Hansen's

As fast as it took for you to read this recipe is about how fast an experienced tyer can spin one up. It's cake! Give 'em a try!


  1. I use a needle nose pliers to control the melt on the tips.. seems to work well!

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing! I've just been using my callused fingers.

  3. Never been much of a worm fan, but, these are pretty neat. Thanks!


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