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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fishing Report For December 11 - Written

If there is one place on the planet right now that anglers should make a trip to it is Cheesman Canyon!  Flow as of this morning Dec. 11th is sitting at 170 c.f.s. which for this time of year is amazing. Combine excellent flows with a lot less fishing pressure, and we are talking 20 fish days for the experienced folks. Watch for ice on the trails after this last snow storm, but other than that even the hike should be fantastic because of the cooler weather.

Flow for the Dream Stream is not to shabby either and is sitting at 112 c.f.s.  Elevenmile Canyon is sitting where it usually does in December with a flow rate of 56 c.f.s. Flies to come armed with for the entire South Platte River Drainage are midges and more midges. The Bubbleback Midge or the Mojo Midge in black and olive, Mercury Black Beauties, and Rojo Midges in red. If you're fishing a two fly set up use any of the following patterns as your lead fly: BWO Barr's Emergers, Olive or Dun RS-2's, Cheesman Emergers, Apricot Eggs, Buckskin Caddis Larvae in the smaller sizes, and San Juan Worms. If you see fish consistently coming up goto a size 26 Parachute Adams.

Make sure you're fishing with 6x fluorocarbon leaders and tippet, and if you're fishing Elevenmile Canyon come down a couple sizes with your split shot. In Elevenmile and the Dream Stream fish will be hanging in the deeper runs; a good depth to set your indicator is anywhere from 4-6 feet above your first fly on a two fly rig.

The Pueblo tailwater is a zoo.  Unless you enjoy combat fishing at it's finest stay away...  If you must go there the flow rate is a whopping 36 cubic feet per second, so fish will be stacked like cordwood in the deeper pools, and the odds of somebody beating you to those spots are great. The same flies and techniques as the South Platte work here.  Tight lines and happy holidays everyone!

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  1. Great report! Thank you for preparing.


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