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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Check Out This New Gadget For Keeping Your Wire On It's Spool

Has your wire ever done what mine is doing in the above photo? Wire jumping off the spool and turning into a knotted up mess is one of my biggest peeves.  Of course, the fact that every one of my wire spools looks similar to this photo is my own fault. The spools do have a built in holder that I neglect to use from either being a space cadet, or to lazy to put the wire away. The solution? The Wire Spool Dispenser.

Creation inspired by necessity... or wait? Ok so more like creation inspired by a good old American need to do things the easy way. It fits the spools perfectly, and has a hole in the side so you can keep them organized by color without having to actually read the label. Again lazy but convenient. They are for sale at Anglers Covey for $2.75. Keep your tying station a little cleaner and give these a try!

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