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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The New Orvis Sonic Waders

Lately I have been looking for different brands of waders to try.  I have had the Simms G3 Guide Pant for the last 3 seasons and even though I absolutely love Gore-Tex for its durability and warmth, and I really love the "when nature calls" zipper built in, I hate struggling with trying to get my feet in and out of the booty.  The ankle cuff is so tight that even when they are dry it takes me a couple minutes to pry my feet out.  When my feet are wet from sweat dripping down my leg on hot days it takes me twice as long.

Don't get me wrong because the benefits of the Simms wader build and quality far out-weigh that minor annoyance.  When I spend an entire day walking around the South Platte looking for fish I am already tired, and I don't want to need an assist from my fishing partner or a sharp pair of scissors to get out of my waders.  That being said I heard that Simms is addressing this issue, and I can't tell my readers that any of the other brands are better because the G3 pant so far is the best wader I've owned.

Moral to the story I might try something else and go right back to Simms.  However these new Orvis Sonic Waders have peaked my interest.  They are suppose to come out this month and they look like a very well built wader.  What I have noticed based on 14 years of experience with waders is that they are ten times more likely to spring a leak at the seams (somewhere around the booty in particular) than anywhere else.  Orvis is very proud of this new SonicSeam technology they are putting into their waders, and if they are easy enough to get in and out of then having 4 layers of nylon vs. 5 layers of Gore-Tex for the shell might be a welcome trade if the price is right.  Here is a link to the Orvis website that includes a short description and a well put together video of their new wader.  

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