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Friday, September 21, 2012

Photos From Our Recent Salmon Fishing Trip - Gunnison Colorado

Toothy Critter photo by Kristen

We went on our annual fishing expedition to the East River near the Roaring Judy Fish Hatchery which is located north of Almont, and quickly found out that the Kokanee hadn't arrived yet.  The water was extremely low and clear, and the water temps seemed warmer than this time last year which is a good indication that it was still early for salmon to be that far up river.  Because we had driven such a long way to fish salmon we decided that we would go down stream and see what we could find.  We stopped right at the Junction in Almont where the East River meets the Taylor River to become the Gunnison River.

Right away I saw signs of salmon, and ten minutes later I was hooked up on a nice Koke.  Ten minutes after landing my first fish of the day the crowds came...  Apparently we weren't the only people that knew where to look.  There was a noticeable difference in water temperature which we felt the moment we stepped in the river, and the pool we were fishing had more salmon than I think I've seen in any other thirty yard stretch of river anywhere in Colorado.

We landed somewhere between 20-25 Kokanee in 4 hours on either an Apricot Egg, Red San Juan Worm, or a size 18 Red Brassie.  As you will notice in the photos the trees were turning and it was an insanely gorgeous day.  When you mix beautiful fall weather and Colorado scenery with fresh hard fighting salmon you are having an epic day on the water!  I get the impression that if we would have moved down river we could have found more salmon and not been harassed by the crowd that seemed to be getting closer to crossing our lines with each fish we caught, but we were content and willing to share the water so we stayed.  These photos will show you why!  Thank you and we hope you are all having a wonderful Autumn/Fall season!

Kristen's first fish of the day was this monstrous 21" Koke.  Photo by Jon

A close up of Kristen's salmon.  Photo by Papa J

Another nice one.


Beautiful scenery and fish big enough to fill that net.  Paradise!  Photo by

A little fall foliage by Kristen

The family car!  Photo by Kristen

Tight Lines!


  1. Looks like a great trip. Love the vehicle - rod vault and all! I was cutting firewood that day, on my 26th wedding aniversary, with my bride! How many women would help haul firewood on their aniversary? Gotta love it!

  2. Sounds like you're pretty lucky Bruce!

  3. Great to hear about that! I'll be trying that someday.

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