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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sticker Envy "School Of Orvis Fish"

If you pay close enough attention you'll notice there is an ongoing sticker war being waged between flyfishing companies and anglers.  The cooler and sometimes the more rare the sticker the better.  Whoever can fit the most stickers on their car or truck without putting themselves or others in danger has the biggest "manhood".   Because stickers seem to be such a huge deal amongst guides and some anglers I decided to do regular posts with photos of stickers I see on the streets or put on my own ride.  If you're like me and you have the sticker addiction and want to share a sticker (flyfishing related) that you think owns all stickers please send me an email with a copy of your photo for posting to jonkleisflyfishing@yahoo.  I will start with my favorite of all my stickers which is an entire school of Orvis fish.  Mike with Orvis hooked us up with the new Orvis fish stickers a month ago and since they are kinda small decals I improvised and made an entire school.  Yes that's how nutty this sticker game is... 

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