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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Streamers On The Arkansas River

This is a video I shot with Steve on the Arkansas River.  We initially set out to shoot a movie about the techniques of streamer fishing and the day ended up being a tough one as far as fish and shooting went and we didnt get the footage neccesary to accomplish our goal.  We only landed a few fish mostly because we were fishing during a cold snap.  The fish were reacting to our flies but were lethargic becuase of the cold resulting in a lot of short strikes and not a lot of hook ups which shows in the video. 

You do get to see what the upper Ark looks like and you get to see some pretty sweet casting and line handling.  And even though we didnt get the footage we were after as I was going through it I soon realized it was begging to be turned into something.  I am a huge Dr. Dre fan and I found the perfect song complete with some western rattle snake sounds that fit the footage.  If you listen to the song it tells a story about how things arent the same which from all my conversations with the old timers in the shop really applies to flyfishing past and present. 

(Warning if you dont like cussing or gangster rap in general turn back now because this particular video is not meant for you.)  Join this site for more videos like this and for some with more friendly music...

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