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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fishing With My Love

Took my sweetheart out on her first real trip flyfishing in her brand spanking new waders and boots.  Who knew that the love of my life, my best friend, and the mother of my child would also be a killer flyfisher and pick up fly casting in like 10 seconds and then land her first fish on a fly rod not long after!  She was amazing and definitely the best "client" I've had on a "guided" trip.  Here are some photos we took from a insanely fun days fishing on the South Platte.

Kristen's first fish on a fly rod and it was landed on a size 22 dry fly.

It's tradition to kiss your first fish.  Good thing we took the hook out...

Not the reaction I expected...

She's already casting better than some guides I know.

Fish On!

Another dry fly fish.

My two cuties.

Then we got stuck waiting out a nasty thunderstorm by 11mile res. trying to do
a little carp fishing and started shooting macro.  This Callibaetis was not
camera shy.

Got bored waiting out the storm and started shooting abstract flyfishing
macro.  This is my disgusted with loosing that giant fish look.

My fish spotter(s)

Her fish spotter(s)

Gatorade G

RedBull gave me wings!

This thunderstorm is driving us nuts!

Simms Fish

Our turtles hanging from the rearview.

The lake with the shadow of a monster thunderstorm hanging over it.

My to be named carp bug...

This photo presents the opportunity to tell a long and very entertaining story.
So it may look all rainy and peaceful in these shots but actually we were waiting out a
storm that was super nasty.  So nasty that the rods hanging over the top of the car
were humming and making cracking noises from the electricity running through
them as I stood outside of the car.  Needless to say I jumped in the car like a mad
man dodging bullets in a Die Hard movie.   Being a flyfishing vet and CO native
I know how serious to take lightning.  When I told Kristen about it I got the
impression she thought I was exaggerating until the wind knocked over the rod in this pic
sitting to the right.  She opened the car door to pick up the rod and get it out of the road
so that it wouldn't get run over by passing cars and ZAP CRACKLE POP her hand got
zapped!  I say ZAP CRACKLE POP because that is the exact noise it made as she
got shocked.  She threw the rod down and looked at me with a stunned look on her
 face and showed me her now red fingertips! Its a safe bet to say that Kristens first
flyfishing trip was electric. 

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