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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Highway 9 bridge above Hartsel 8-28-11

I recently got a tip from Dave Eggers that the South Platte above the highway 9 bridge below Antero was on fire so I took my last two clients there for some hopper fishing.  The 20th of august the water was up to its bank and fairly clear with one of the most epic Trico hatches Ive seen.  And it was loaded with extremely gorgeous and gullible trout eager to take a dry fly.  The first fish we landed was a nice little brown on a hopper around 7:30 a.m. 

Yesterday was a different story.  The water was lower by about 6 inches and murky from the previous day's afternoon shower.  There were Tricos coming off but not in the numbers I had seen last week, and when I did a kick I could'nt come up with any Trico nymphs like I did the prior trip.  As I did the kick I scared a 4 inch brown out from under a rock and watched him burry into a weed bed and vanish before my eyes. 

That was a perfect indication of what the day was going to be like.  Few fish were rising but dredging with tandem nymph rigs still produced a lot of fish.  We used two flies all day while nymphing.  An apricot egg and a size 22 black RS-2.  Both flies brought fish to the net.  Before the trip ended we decided to throw hoppers and cover a lot of ground and that produced fish as well especially in the faster pocket water.  Tight Lines!

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