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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Deckers Fishing Report 3-27-13

We had another one of our family fishing days and decided on a change of scenery. Deckers was our destination and it's running at a crystal clear 60.2 cubic feet/second (click here to get updated flow rates).  Just like 11 Mile Canyon, all of the fish are stacked in the "deeper" runs. We fished above town along Y-Camp rd. and managed to get in the first bend run. There was a solid baetis and midge hatch that came off around noon which lasted a couple of hours. We netted 6-7 fish, and long distance released (ldr) at least that many. Fly patterns that fooled fish were Barr's Emergers BWO size 22, Stalcup's Baetis in a size 20, and Cheesman Emergers size 24.

Bring 6x tippet and small split shot! Most of the fish we landed we were sight fishing to, and not relying on the strike indicator. The takes were so subtle that if you rely on your indicator your'e not catching fish. I say bring small shot because even though the fish were stacked in the deeper runs they weren't on the bottom. They were about a foot off the bottom with their noses up. Just watch their behavior and make your adjustments accordingly. Also, they were pretty shot shy so you will double your chances by downsizing your weight.

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