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Saturday, March 9, 2013

A List Of Great Blogs and Informative Websites to Follow

Anyone who follows our site probably notices that we don't keep a sidebar of additional blogs and websites to follow on the page. My reasoning behind this is that we like the current layout, and we worked really hard to keep the site clean and user friendly. That doesn't mean we don't follow other peoples sites and keep up with all the latest. The amazing thing about the internet is that it makes it incredibly easy to communicate with other like minded anglers, and to learn something specific and new to add to your arsenal. There are a ton of amazing blogs done by great anglers who we follow, and when we're inspired by any of their great work we share it. Here is a list of our favorite sites for you to check out while you're bored sitting in your office...

First, Anglers Covey fly shop here in Colorado Springs has done a fantastic job of rebuilding their website, and Dave (shop owner) hired some help to keep the A.C. blog up to date and loaded with content. Vince Puzick is in charge of that show, and it turns out he was a great hire. He does a great job of relaying important information that pertains to all of us as anglers, and has a very neutral and upbeat tone in his writing that I respect a ton. To follow Vince go to

If you are looking for a website where you can learn a thing or two about insects check out They have some incredible photos of insects, and a great blog of their own that's definitely worth a look-see. The site is also very clean and user friendly, and there is enough content on there that would take weeks to go through.

Next on our list of websites worth following is They probably have one of the best all around sites for fly-fishing on the web. In fact, I dare you to go on there and find a fly-fishing related subject that they haven't at least addressed. With subjects such as How to Hook Fish on Tiny Flies, they have a ton of relevant info. that would help us Colorado tailwater trout bums.

For the tyers scouring the web for information there is a fantastic blog, and a equally as fantastic website, both of which are loaded with helpful fly tying goodness, the Hopper Juan, and Charlies Fly Box. Another great blog is done by Carl Pennington I think he finds a lot of his inspiration from the Hopper Juan and Charlie Craven, but he puts his twist on popular patterns, and every time we check out his site we find some fishy looking bugs.

Gink and Gasoline! Do we need to say anything else? They run a great website covering a wide range of topics, and feature some great photography. Subscribe to their page!

Last but not least, we would like to leave you guys with a short list of blogging newcomers that we have been keeping an eye on. Let's start with one blogger that is into hog hunting, Jamie Roth with Jamie's Journal. He seems to have a great sense of adventure, and loves to chase big fish.  So there you have it! Our list of trout fishing awesomeness for all of you to check out if you haven't already. Enjoy all of the free great information out there that is a buttons touch away!

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