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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Fishing Trip of the Year!

What an insanely gorgeous day it was! If you were stuck inside a cubical or a dusty old fly shop then you have my sympathies... No exaggeration, today was the most beautiful February we have spent in Elevenmile Canyon maybe ever! We only fished for 3 hours at Ed's Rock, and each landed and lost one fish a piece, but that's because most of the day was spent taking photos and battling snow blindness.

My goal going into today's trip was to just relax, try and catch a few fish, but more important I wanted to try and capture some decent photos of the ice formations that build along the bank, and to try and capture some of the beauty that most of us just glance at on our way to the fishing spot. Getting good landscape shots in the Canyon was a lot harder than I expected. You would think that because it's such a beautiful place it would be easy, but ironically that made it a little more difficult because we kept passing up opportunities.

Before we knew it we were towards the top and getting ready to fish, when the goal was to make frequent stops... It should come as no surprise that the most original shot (the one looking out from inside the tunnel) was Kristen's idea. All photos -except the one of that jackwagon standing in the tunnel- were taken by me, and of course my favorite is the fish shot with Kristen and Baby Bree! Here's what we got...

                                 -Jon Kleis


  1. Jon, very, very nice! Obviously, you both have some unique talent with the camera. Looks to me like you did a good with that young one, too! Appreciate you sharing the photos.

  2. just wow. so amazing and attractive pictures. you really did a great job. do share some pictures of Fishing In Dubai .

  3. Wow! Let me know next time you go! I'd love to get up there again! Especially before all the cool ice melts.


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