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Friday, June 29, 2012

Finding Reasons To Stay Positive

Hey fellow readers I wanted to share with you why I have chosen not to harp on the Waldo Canyon fire.  I am a Colorado native and this has been my home my entire life.  Let me assure you that my choosing to talk about happier things is not an attempt to take away from what may go down as Colorado's greatest natural disaster.  It is not an attempt to be insensitive or offend those who have lost their home, or who are waiting to find out if their home is still standing.  I can't imagine having my house burned to the ground.  Anger, sadness, and confusion are just a few items on a huge list of emotions Colorado residents effected by fires throughout this state are feeling.

Fire isn't the only thing that has hit us where it hurts.  A short snow season hit us with a left hurting the ski/snowboard part of our economy.  Relatively no spring runoff hit us with a right when it comes to white water rafting; another huge part of our economy crippled this year.  And of course the huge uppercut has been this massive fire.  And unless the gods bring us our classic Colorado summer afternoon rain showers we are probably in for more large and destructive fires.  It is still only June!

People throughout this country turn on the t.v. and they see MASSIVE FIRE all over the news, so it's a safe bet to say they might choose a tropical climate to vacation in this year.  I refuse to give up on the things that make me and so many of you happy.  I refuse to give up on Colorado.  If you lost your home you have my deepest heart felt condolences.  I am so proud of how people in this city and people effected by fires throughout the rest of Colorado have responded to this devastation.

Families have opened their homes to evacuees.  People have supported the cause by donating to shelters, and to our brave firefighters.  These are all things I'm sure we will continue to do until our home state has grown some greener pastures.

We must also continue to live our lives, and support our local economy.  We need people fishing now more than ever to support our economy, and to provide funds for the state to help protect the places where we play and live.  Colorado is an outdoor's kinda place.  We live to: run, ski, hike, climb, kayak, cycle, fish, and the list goes on.  If you get a chance to take your mind off of the negativity around you by doing the things you love you will feel better.  You will inspire.  So from this point forward I will continue to pray for those who are suffering, and only write about the things that make us all happy.  Here is to greener pastures...

Photo I took 3 days before the fire.


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