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Thursday, June 21, 2012

1st Annual Sangre de Cristo Hospice "Celebrity" Fishing Tourny

Im proud to be participating in this tournament on June 23rd! Thank you to the folks at Sangre de Cristo Hospice for hosting this event. When they told me that they were having troubles getting competitors from the flyfishing community I was stunned! As flyfishers there are very few opportunities for us to participate in bass fishing tournaments. The location we will be fishing is Stem Beach which has been closed to anglers for almost 20 years so I expect there is going to be some amazing fish caught! Im stoked to see how these bass pro guys carry themselves and prepare for these events! Thank you to Hymark Motorsports for sponsoring me into this tournament. Time to start filling my meat box and I don't mean the freezer. I'll keep you guys posted. Tight Lines!

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