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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Recent Photos 5-26-2012

Had a blast with my clients Bob and Andy yesterday!  We netted 10 fish all on Hoppers and I picked up a few tricks from Andy who knows a thing or two about photography.  We didn't take any photos of fish because these guys have literally been around the world and back.  I shutter to think what kind of giant fish they have photos of so we spent a vast majority of the day talking trash and telling stories.  Here are a few  pics from the day.  In case any fellow photographers are interested Andy has a pretty cool show he is doing called Found Botany.  Here is the address.


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  2. I took the nymph class earlier in the day(I was the only student, so it was esentially a guided trip). After the class I went upstream for a while and had some sucess and was on my way back down and saw your car and your guys fishing. I stopped and was going to say Hi, but I figured I souldn't interrupt a guide trip.

    I wouldn't have thought about hoppers. I guess next time out I'll try hoppers,since they are about my favorite fly fishing method. I only saw a few rises all day and almost all my ish were on a Barr's emerger that I had tied, so I really didn't think hoppers.

    Good to know.

  3. Hey Bruce you are always welcome to stop and say hi and see what the fish are or are not biting on man! Were you using the bwo barrs emerger?

    1. Yes - BWO Barr's Emgergers. I thought they were way too fat the way I tied them compared to the actual bugs we observed, and from what I've seen in the bin, but they worked well! Made me feel good.

      I wasn't sure about stopping, plus is was a long walk and I was running a bit late. I know most people are friendly, I didn't want to intrude on paying customers. Next time!


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