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Friday, May 25, 2012

Pikes Peak Time Lapse Video

Hey all!

 I just wanted to share with you a very quick glance of a time lapse video I shot of Pikes Peak from Garden Of The Gods!  You will see parts of these clips and much more time lapse soon to come in fishing videos/shows.  This is only my second time shooting time lapse so there is a ton of room for improvement, but I like what the clouds are doing over the Peak and I haven't seen to many timelapse videos done of this amazing mountain.  There are two separate shots taken with my Nikon D90.  One at 26mm and the second one at 40mm.   I just wanted to say thanks to Kim for allowing me the use of her original music, and hopefully this is a sample of whats to come.  Be sure and change the settings to full 1080p HD and give this one a play full screen!


  1. Good stuff there. Almost makes you look like a pro or something. What is that white stuff up there on that mountain?


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