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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moving On...

There is something I would like to share with my readers first of which is an apology.  The things that were said outside of the content of my post were not necessary on either side and its unfortunate that I let myself get caught up in that.  I cant tell you how much it sucks that I can post all these things about family values, about peoples passion for the sport including my own, helpful tips and the list goes on (all of which is very positive) and the one thing that gets the most views in a single day is drenched in drama and pecker swinging.  This blog is something I do for free to get people excited about this sport.

 Flyfishing is about conservation and companionship.  Rest assured now that Ive had a minute to woosssahh and collect my thoughts I find that the only thing I can think about is how fortunate I am to live this blessed life I lead and how much I enjoy what I do for a living despite what a few disgruntled nay sayer's may say or think.  This blog is a free resource for all.  I don't get paid to build this thing and share.  And honestly ask anybody who has been through it you dont get paid crap for guiding or working a 9-5 in a shop.

Everything I do is because I love it that much and am willing to sacrifice.  You have witnessed the ugly side of a very competitive industry.  I have the utmost respect for TU and anybody that shares that same passion and respect for nature and our rivers.  If you read the real message in my blog I call out the guys that run the outfit known as steel city anglers.  Not TU.  Not once do I mention TU.  Two men ran that show and they did it poorly.  I would gladly give them tons of positive input if I thought they would listen.  TU is great and obviously nobody has a problem donating to help improve our rivers.  Yes it was a TU sponsored event.  Its not about that.  I could have just given TU the money if that's all anyone cared about.  I paid hard earned money to compete in a fair event and win or lose have a positive experience and that's not what I got.

All anyone has to do is look at my pictures for 10 seconds and listen to me talk about flyfishing to know I can fish, and I honestly dont care about what a few guys who are trying to get under my skin have to say.  There are plenty of people that know the real truth about how the event went down and that wont change.  This blog is and forever will be focused on the things that make our sport great.  End of discussion.



  1. Very well said. It's a shame you had a ridiculous experience and in the end have to deal with the antagonism of some selfish jokers when you try to call it as you see it. I say "selfish" because folks who can't get past their own egos to encourage fellow anglers and promote a sense of true sportsmanship are self-centered. I imagine similar attitudes prevailed, as an example, among so-called anglers of earlier generations who over-fished and polluted our waters in the face of overwhelming evidence that it was irrevocably destroying habitat and pushing species to extinction. Jon, you run a great page. I enjoy your pictures and commentary. Keep up the good work and make the most out of those many days you're able to get out on the water, especially for those of us who envy you!

  2. Thanks Trout Bum! That seriously means a lot to me.

  3. There are a ton of people who agree with me that wouldn't step up to bat for me when it got ugly because of a select few guys that are extremely over reacting to a blog they don't have to read. Again thanks.

  4. Jon, as a consumer of your many kind contributions, I want to thank you for all that you do...You may not remember me, but I'm the clueless customer that decided to wander in to your shop for a free clinic. You took the time to teach me some basic casts and show me some basics for fly fishing. Since then, I've enjoyed my new hobby immensley. So be encouraged with what you do and give back. While I'm not familiar with the controversy, who cares?! Please keep up with the great work that you do...who knows how many others there are like me that you have helped. Be Encouraged!

  5. Its definitely encouraging to hear a few people say they appreciate what I do! Thanks Happy Fishing!

  6. Jon ... So proud to see you moving forward with the values that make you a rock solid man. Please don't let this hitch in the road discourage you from doing what you love to do!


  7. Thanks Jim! You know I dont stop fishing because I get skunked (Even if it was in a tournament...) and im certainly not going to stop doing the blog thing and everything else I love doing related to this sport because I had a bad day. If anything Im inspired. Thanks for the support everyone! Im working on a video I just took of Frostbite tournament competitor and fellow Anglers Covey guide Chris Ramos tying his pattern the Cheesman Emerger. Should be done and posted soon.


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